Philanthropic gifts fuel the Automotive Safety Program’s mission to reduce injuries and fatalities resulting from motor vehicle crashes. The Automotive Safety Program Fund provides unrestricted support for the program, including the purchase of bicycle helmets, creation of informational materials for families, and outreach efforts and in-person trainings.

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The introduction begins. As a rule, all educational abstracts contain this part, similar to term papers and diplomas.
The main part of the abstract is divided (with rare exceptions) into chapters. Sometimes paragraphs (or paragraphs) are highlighted within chapters.
Chapters begin on a new page. Sometimes paragraphs begin with a new sheet (check this point in the manual).
An unspoken rule: the final part 250 word essay for iu undergraduates of the chapter should take at least a quarter of a sheet. The cunning students, inflating the volume, the ends of the chapters “hang” in several lines on an almost blank sheet, which causes great irritation among the teachers: they feel that they are, how to put it … considered fools.