Programs For Children

The Buckle-Up Bug

The Indiana Buckle-Up Bug Club is designed for students grades K-3, but appeals to children of all ages.  The club is available statewide and is aimed at increasing seat belt use among children.  Enrollment in the club requires members to wear their own seat belt on every trip and bestows the right to “bug” everyone in their family vehicle to buckle up.  It is a great way to encourage the development of the lifesaving habit of always buckling up.

The Indiana Buckle-Up Bug Club

  • Makes a perfect addition to any health and safety fair
  • Can enhance reading programs at libraries
  • Can be used for classroom presentations

Members receive a kit, which consists of:

  • Activity Book
  • Sticker
  • Bookmark
  • Pledge Card

All necessary membership materials can be obtained from the Automotive Safety Program at 1-800-KID-N-CAR.  Please click here to see all of the materials available for the Club.

For an extra special event, why not schedule the Bug to make a personal appearance at your event or presentation?  You can obtain the Buckle-Up Bug Suit from the Automotive Safety Program.  The bug suit can be picked up from the Automotive Safety Program Office on the Indiana University Medical Center Campus.  Directions can be obtained here.  The suit fits persons of average build up to approximately 5’7″ tall.  A $10 fee is required for costume rental.

If you have any questions please contact the Automotive Safety Program at 1-800-KID-N-CAR.