Special Needs Transportation

What’s New

Special needs transportation is an evolving field with new child safety restraints, research and recommendations.  The information contained in this section is the most current information of which the Automotive Safety Program is aware. This page is updated regularly so please check back periodically to learn what’s new.


The 2019 version of the LATCH Manual from Safe Ride News Publications, Inc. is now available. This manual is a must-have for anyone working in the field of special needs transportation. It includes helpful information on tethering large medical seats. Ordering information can be found at www.saferidenews.com or by calling 1-800-403-1424.


Angel Ride Car Bed

This car bed was discontinued in early 2018 but recently purchased by Merritt Car Seat. A release date has not been released yet so please stay tuned for future updates.


As an alternative to the traditional positioning vest, the Churchill can now be ordered with a 5-point harness system. This is a great option for children in warmer climates, or for larger occupants with behavioral issues (can be used with the Merritt anti-escape chest clip and crotch buckle).

The height limits for the Churchill are now officially listed as 48-72 inches.

Columbia Products

Columbia has been bought out by Inspired by Drive. As a result, there have been a few changes to their products. The Columbia 2000 has been renamed the IPS Car Seat, and is good for children 20-102 pounds and up to 60 inches in height. The Spirit 2400 is now known as the Spirit (Spirit Plus option comes with lateral supports) and is good for children 25-130 pounds and up to 66 inches in height.

You can get more information on these products at www.inspiredbydrive.com.


Dorel Juvenile Group has developed a magnetic chest clip as part of their Maxi-Cosi line of car seats. This could be a beneficial feature in preventing children from unfastening their chest clips during travel.

E-Z-ON Products

E-Z-ON has been under new ownership since Fall 2017, resulting in multiple changes. The M203 modified vest is now for children at least one year of age and 22-75 pounds, while the 101M2 modified vest is for children 60-106 pounds. All styles of the upright vest are now for children at least two years of age and 30-168 pounds.

All E-Z-ON vests and accessories now carry a six year “recommended lifespan”. E-Z-ON has not made it mandatory to replace items after this time frame, but will not stand by any product found to be used outside of their recommendations. E-Z-ON will also no longer provide a waiver for their products to be used outside of their recommendations.


The Pilot adaptive booster seat, from R82, is now officially listed with a weight range of 40-120 pounds.

Special Tomato

Special Tomato has changed the weight range for their large seat to 80-130 pounds.

Special Tomato has also added an adaptive booster seat to their line. It is available in two sizes: Small (51-90 pounds) and Large (81-130 pounds).


The Wallaroo, by Convaid, is a large medical seat for children at least three years of age and up to 56 inches. It has a weight limit of 22-106 pounds.

You can get more information about this seat, along with a list of accessories at www.convaid.com.


This convertible car seat was developed my Merritt Car Seat for individuals with hip and arm casts. It can be used rear-facing for children 5-40 pounds, and forward-facing from 25-80 pounds and up to 60 inches.

You can get more information about this seat at www.merrittcarseat.com.